About Us

Hi we are the Southern Charm Book Blog, we are 5 women made up of a magazine editor, Brianna. A stay at home reader, Hailee. A college professor Janie. A fitness instructor Leslie. Plus there is me, I am Jenni the founder of this blog. If you want to join please message us and see if we would be a great match.

There will be no more reviews until further notice per the new Amazon review policy. See Blog post here We argued too much and got put in a time out. This means we can review everywhere except Amazon until our 90 days are up. 

Promos are a given, send us what you got and we will find a time and place for it.

We have been asked a hundred times about doing cover quotes. It seems to be the new in thing to put a blog on the cover since the bigger authors are so busy. I have no problem with that if it is a good review, (you don’t want to put a bad one on there) you let us review your cover to ensure that we are quoted correctly, and (this one is a big one) we actually reviewed your book! 

Daily teasers are listed and you can drop them in the comments. Every week we are going to start picking authors to promo as our cover photo/profile photo.

If you have any questions at all please feel free to ask 🙂



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