Five ✩✩✩✩✩ Star Reviews for Wishing on the Water by Elizabeth York

Title: Wishing on the Water
Series: Water Series Book #1
Author: Elizabeth York
Genre: Contemporary Romantic Suspense
Release Date: July 7, 2015
“I was always told never to wish on the first star at night. If everyone wishes on one star, how will the star keep up? A star with too many wishes will just fall out of the sky. Rain drops are plentiful, and there are thousands. They wash away the filth and carry it to a better place. So when you make a wish, wish on the water and let it carry your problems away.” 
Candice-Leigh Carson, a New York City best-selling author, was engaged to one of NYPD’s finest. She was living the dream until she lost her fiancé, quit her job and moved, leaving behind the only family she ever knew. She left her best friend Jaxson, without saying goodbye. In her quest to find herself, would she ever find love again? 
Jaxson Monroe, one of NYPD’s finest, lost his partner when an undercover job went south. After spending a night with his partner’s lover, Candice, she flees into the night. He loved Candice and had promised his partner he would protect her. It was his fault she ran, but he quickly found himself in the arms of another. Would Jaxson ever convince Candice to come home or did he prefer another woman? Would their love survive his betrayal and her abandonment?

“I have something I need to do,” I stated, as I grabbed my purse. Jax went to reach for my elbow and I gave him an evil smile that said don’t try and stop me. I got out the door when Brooklyn came running up behind me. “Where are we going?” She asked with a smile on her face. 

“I am going to handle something. Where are you going?” I asked, as the elevator opened. 

“I am going where you are going.” Brooklyn replied. 

“Brooklyn, I might be committing a crime and you are the acting Assistant District Attorney. So you see where that could be a problem?” 

“No, a lawyer is a lawyer; besides, we work better when we have all the facts. What could be better than a bird’s eye view of the events?” 

“Candice, wait!” Jax bellowed, but I nodded my head for Brooklyn to enter the elevator and walked in behind her. 

“I have to do this Jax.” I spoke softly as the elevator doors shut on a hurt look on Jax’s face. The face that said he thought this would be the last time we saw each other. I thought about the characters in my books at that moment. I asked myself what would they do to achieve a happy ending and I drew a blank. 

If this was a book I had been writing, I would have written myself into a corner with no clue where to go. 

I walked out to the street and headed west. No clue where I was going because I was still working on the chain of events in my head. Brooklyn caught my arm and held me there as she hailed a cab. 

“Figured out what you are going to do yet?” Brooklyn asked, as we piled into the cab. I had to buy some time. 

“Take us to the Crossfit on Columbus Ave.” I shouted to the driver as my voice was finally finding itself. Brooklyn merely smiled at me. I don’t know how this was going to work. Anything illegal I do, my accomplice will also be my prosecutor. 

“Brooklyn, we don’t know each other very well. If you are not prepared to go the distance with whatever I do, I think you should jump ship now.” “Don’t worry; I have our bail money.” Brooklyn reached across the cab and placed her hand on mine in a comforting way. 

“Candice, I have been in your shoes before. I have wanted to save the people I loved by sacrificing myself. I know how you feel. I don’t know what you have planned, but whatever it is I am in. Let’s finish this, so our men won’t have targets on their backs.”


I read Surviving Brooklyn from this author and fell in love with the way she writes so when she asked if I wanted to read an arc I was all over it.

To start this book off you will need tissues as you feel Candice’s heart break at the death of her fiance. Hold onto them as her world unravels one piece at a time. The moment she falls into the arms of her dead fiance’s partner that is the moment when the story begins.
I have to say that I was captivated. This book was a big WOW!!! I cannot believe the writer was able to suck me into another story when I was eagerly awaiting book two on her other series. This will be one for the history books because I can honestly say that I am floored by the way this new writer has the ability to draw you into the story and keep you hanging on. I do believe we will see her on the best seller list one day. I am more than happy to read anything she writes at this point.

This book is a must read, but be warned there is a cliff hanger. I Loved the twists and turns. Cannot wait to see where it goes from here

  I was given this arc in exchange for a honest review.
We start the story out at a funeral, which I want to add is done tastefully with detail that makes you want to cry along with the main character. Then we move on to a few things that happen to alter Candice’s life. I won’t bring them up as I am trying to post this spoiler free.
Candice moves and gives up her entire life that she knew because she didn’t know what to do or how to handle life. She didn’t know what was acceptable as a widow, and to be honest, I would be in her shoes. I love the fact that the character is portrayed to be life-like and not like so many fiction books where they would be able to keep taking the punches. Candice is strong, but she has to find her strength and eventually she does.

I love the yummy Jax. I am kinda hoping he is based on a real life character because he is one I would love to keep. His loyalty runs deep, and his heart is open for Candice. He allows her to breathe and find her way and even gets pissed at her. This is very rare for a book, but I love that the author was not afraid to go that route. I usually hate cliffhangers, but the fact that I actually hate this cliffhanger makes it awesome. My mouth was left open long enough for my husband to ask if I was catching flies. Where I thought this would be a HEA It is, but it isn’t if that makes any sense at all.I believe this author (in what I have read from her) will go far. She maybe new but her books are refreshing and not like others and that is what is going to carry her far in the author world. She writes as though she has had years of practice in getting ready to welcome these stories to the world. I have to say it is a pleasure whenever this author asks for a review. She is one that I honestly hope makes in this the author world, because she is one I would love to watch grow and get to read the stories on her way up. Not to mention the welcomed relief of not waiting a year between stories. She seems to get the books out every other month or so. I love that from any author!

I gave this story 5 stars because it covers everything I look for. It is easy to relate to the characters. It sucks you in and takes you along for the ride. I was so upset when it ended that I was constantly swiping my kindle trying to get the next story to magically appear. This is a must read if you are romantic. This is a must read if you love thrillers. And as an added treat I messaged the author to ask questions and she answered every one of them including an insight into the next book. I will be getting book two as soon as it is ready

JanieI am a reviewer at Southern Charm Book Blog and came across this book and after some serious begging and pleading with the other girls, I was told I could read it first. I had read the authors earlier work, and wanted to read this one. I knew the author from reading Surviving Brooklyn and that was a book that has stayed with me since I read it. So, I wanted to see how the author did with a contemporary romance, only she didn’t write one.

First let me start by explaining that I was a little thrown off by the lovey-dovey cover. It is adorable, and I do love the cover, but I thought that meant it would be some silly little love story, and boy was I wrong. This writer has the ability to twist any situation and make it a KICK @$$ READ!

I went in expecting another typical boring HEA, and got the cliffhanger of a lifetime. This book got 5 PLUS STARS for hitting every emotion and dragging me into a story with twist and turns I never imagined possible. Ms. York can do no wrong when it comes to the romantic suspense, however she comes up with these ideas are a winner. Seriously her books are like coming up for fresh air after drowning in paperbacks. I would like to see her attempt at another genre, but don’t want to give up the mysterious thrillers she is feeding us to get one.

There is a need for tissues with the death of a loved one, there is love and healing in the power of friendship, there is betrayal and violence, there is HOT sex, and the twists that tie all of this up into a entertaining and captivating book. I love how the author made Candice an author, but she is down to earth and reacts as though she was a real person and not a fictional character. I applaud the writer for having the main character act without thinking and then allow the second main character (the man) to get pissed and not forgive Candice right away. That is just like what happens in real life, but something you don’t see very often in books.

Jax is hot and I would love to make him mine, but sadly he sits on the pages of my Kindle. If I ever find the right man, he will have Jax’s loyalty and dedication. That man would have moved Heaven and Earth for Candice and to catch his partners killer. He kinda deserves a HEA, but for my sake I am loving the cliffhanger.

I have to admit that my favorite part is when I read that Brooklyn and Mark were in this book and you get to see an outside view of who they are. The author advised me the books run along side each other, but just because Mark is in it doesn’t mean he survived Book one. (sigh, I just want a hint)

Elizabeth York proved herself worthy of the title author with Surviving Brooklyn, and now with a more romantically focused thriller she has confirmed what we already knew. This author will go far! I read a lot of books and have to say when you can grab my attention and keep me in the story from beginning to end, and leave me to crawl on my knees begging for the next book, you have a winner. I am on my hands and knees pleading to Ms. York to give us the next book soon.

leslieI was given this book in exchange for an honest review.

Let me say the first part of the book made me want to cry, but then I grew with the character. I wanted to punch and hit people that got in her way. I wanted her to be successful and make it after everything she had been through. I could completely relate to her even though I hope I am never in that situation.

Candice is a rockstar when she and Brooklyn (from Surviving Brooklyn) link up. Those two could be the next Thelma and Louise the way they click together. Brooklyn’s adventurous side with Candice’s demand to get herself back made them kick ass friends that I would love to call my own.

Jax was dealt a rough deal. His partner died, Candice fled, and he had to spend his life with a woman who didn’t own his heart or does she? I have to wonder where Book two will go because it seems as though Candice got her down time to find her way, but Jax dove into work. He seems level headed, but is he?

What can I say about Mark…. OMG I love this man (from Surviving Brooklyn) the bar scene is something my husband has done to me lol. I seriously hope that he and Jax stay partners so we can follow along on what happens with him.

The cliffhanger. HOLY SHITBALLS!…. To the author: WTF you seem to have a knack for creating twists and turns that no one sees coming and making it keep you locked in the story. Just when I thought it would be a typical Happily Ever After you made me want to throw my kindle. You should work in Hollywood because they could use your cliff hanger ideas for plenty of what they do.

Because this book is not like Surviving Brooklyn I asked the author where she got the idea. She replied, “My family asked me to write something softer, and this is as soft as I get.” and all I can is Thank you Thank you Thank you. I would hate for writing to change when I love it as is.


Hailee I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. First let me say WOAH! Like omg I feel like my heart was ripped out and cut into pieces then put back together to be stronger than ever only for my jaw to drop at the ending.

Candice is a strong woman who knows what she wants and is living her life until her entire world is shattered by the death of her fiance Chase. Seems like she tries really hard to hold herself together, but it is impossible not to lean on someone with that much heartache and pain.

Jaxson was Chase’s best friend and partner. The three of them had grown up together and that history made it difficult for Candice after spending the night with Jaxson. A slip of the tongue, a newly shattered heart and she went out the window.

Candice got a new job in a new town, and a whole new life. Her job was bringing her back to New York where she had left Jaxson, and it seems as though the NYPD sticks together as after her arrival Mark is called to go talk to her. Then just like a man, he led her right to Jaxson the one man she hadn’t spoken to since climbing out his window that night many months ago.

I won’t tell anymore because I can’t without a spoiler, but let me say What the…. that ending…. omg…. I need to know what happens.

I gave this book five stars for content, the ability to keep me entertained, and because this story is one that will rock you to your core and shatter you only to pick you back up and put you back together.

Up and coming author Elizabeth York has been writing for about seven years. Located in the southeast, she spends her days drinking sweet tea on the porch with her laptop in hand. She has devoted her life to her family and her books. With the loss of her Father to cancer in 2010 she makes “Dear Daddy” dedication pages in each book and donates 10% royalties to cancer research.
Take the time to get to know the characters and you will love them as much as she does.



Love Collides by L.A. Cotton

 photo Love Collides - Release Blitz Banner_zpsdis3fmnv.jpg

Title: Love Collides (Fate’s Love Book 3)

Author: L.A. Cotton

Genre: New Adult/Contemporary

Release: June 30th

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Staci Jameson is independent to a fault. But after growing up in the shadow of an overprotective family, and being let down by the only person that promised to always be there for her, Staci locked away her heart and vowed only to rely on herself.

Until a tall dark and sexy-as-sin player reawakens something inside of her.

Kade Ford knows what some people will do in the name of love, and it isn’t all hearts and flowers. It’s the reason he isn’t looking to settle down. Ever. Instead, he plays the field and never gets too close.

Until a tiny blonde firecracker barrels her way into his life and leaves him wanting more.

What starts as a one-night stand turned friends-with-benefits arrangement begins to blur into something neither of them saw coming?or wanted. And when secrets from their pasts catch up with them, the very thing that they are both running from might just be the thing that they need the most. Will Staci and Kade turn to each other or will they let their pasts define their future?

Sometimes two people don’t just come together…they collide.

~ Excerpt ~

He looked at me and extended his hand. “We have to dance. Bride’s orders.”

I blew out an exasperated sigh, my hand hovering over his. Electricity literally snapped between us. “Well, if the bride says, then I guess I’ll do as I’m told.”

Kade’s face cracked a smug smile, as if to say ‘oh, you’ll do as you’re told, all right,’ and his hand curled around mine. The electricity ran up my arm, causing me to shudder.

Knock it off. I chastised myself for letting him get to me.

The other groomsmen found their bridesmaids, and we all made our way to the checkered dance floor. Livy looked so pleased with herself; I shot her a discreet scowl. She was the only person who knew about my brief history with Kade Ford, and that was only because she tricked it out of me after one too many tequilas last year.

Kade wrapped me in his strong arms and started swaying us to the music. “You look so damn fuckable in that dress.”

My head snapped up to meet his hooded stare. He looked like he wanted to devour me. Shit, Jameson… PULL IT TOGETHER. I gave Kade my best fake smile and said, “Does that line actually work, Ford? Because I’ve heard better.”

The smug smile he was wearing slowly transformed into a lazy grin only making him sexier—if that was possible. He dipped his head into the crook of my neck and whispered against my skin, “Maybe, but have you ever had better?”

The guy was a walking, talking jerk. I’d known some douches in my time, but Kade Ford was—and always would be—douche canoe number one. The kind of douche that left a mark, but a douche nonetheless.

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~ Teaser ~

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~ Other Books In The Series ~

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~ About the Author ~

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Swoon worthy and heart stopping New Adult Romance.
L.A is author of the Fate’s Love Series and Chastity Falls Series. Home is a small town in the middle of England where she currently juggles being a full-time mum to two little people with writing. In her spare time (and when she’s not camped out in front of the laptop) you’ll most likely find L. A immersed in a book, escaping the chaos that is life.

You can connect with her at:


IT LIVE2211289622_1433842776924731_769924663_n11208920_10153293973147112_1199684160_nViktor-
I was bred for this. For Mafiya.
Instead, I relinquished my crown to my younger brother.
I’m the dirty side of the Mafiya.
I clean up the messes. The bodies. The problems.
Here in America, I’m the Russian King.
I never expected to want my mark. To crave her, to need her.
One thing about being the leader of the Bratva, I always get what I want.
I’m corrupted, I never promised to play fair.

Unwanted and unloved.
I lay in that hospital bed, broken.
One bad decision and I almost killed someone,
myself included.
The dark shadow coming to finish the job,
turns out to be my bright light.
I try to hold back, fighting temptation.
Who would want someone so damaged?
He doesn’t know it, but I’m good at keeping secrets.
You have to be, when you have so many.

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11216080_10153320381107112_692980075_nSecrets (Book#1)
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Exposed (Book#2)
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Relinquish (Book#3)
67250-11195546_1423492237959785_343827972_nAmazon US | Amazon UK | Kobo | Nook | Google Play
11186459_10153293969682112_187872915_nSapphire Knight is the author of Secrets, Exposed, Relinquish-Available on Amazon, Kobo, and Google Play.
She’s currently working on Corrupted and Ares stories. Her books all reflect on what she loves to read herself.
Sapphire is a Texas girl who is crazy about football. She has always had a knack for writing, whether it is poems or stories. She originally studied psychology and that has only added to her passion for writing. She has two boys and has been married for ten years. When she’s not busy in her writing cave, she’s busy playing with her three Doberman Pinschers. She loves to donate to help animals and watching a good action movie

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