Perfect Dreams by Marsha Greene – 5 ✩✩✩✩✩


Julia Simmons has a dangerous secret.
Six years ago Julia had fled New York and made a quiet life for herself in Nashville but in a twist of fate, her past and present collide with the ferocity of a runaway train and leave betrayal, death and mayhem in its wake. Her and her loved ones’ existence is threatened as Julia becomes a target for a notorious gangster and the only one who can save her is the devastatingly handsome private detective Andrew Seaton.
After one encounter, Julia is captivated beyond reason without realizing that Andrew is hiding a secret of his own. Much too soon she is swept away in Andrew’s untamed sensuality, handing him over her mind and body. Their fatal attraction riddled with suspicions, results in a tragedy and it might be too late by the time they both realize that trust is all they ever needed. Will Andrew turn her perfect dreams into a reality or will he destroy her completely?
Warning* Intended for mature readers. Contains sexually explicit scenes.

About the Author

Marsha Greene

I live in the pretty little town of Caledon in Canada with my husband and two children and I love books, cooking, travelling and antique shops. Writing happened by chance when I realized that there are very few books available for kids which they really like and appreciate, so I started writing short stories for my boys. From there it took a life of its own and here I am. As a reader and writer, romance is my poison, not only for the escapism it provides but also because I think that it keeps hope, happiness and blood pumping. I look forward to this new journey I am on and meanwhile I hope to give you all a good time.



I am a part-time reviewer for Southern Charm Book Blog, and was asked to step in and read this book. I have to say with the cover I didn’t expect to get very far into the book. The phrase a cover is worth a million words, doesn’t apply here.

The story is priceless and well written. I absolutely adored it. I gave it 5 stars which is a feat because books don’t hold my attention, but this one captivated me and took me on a wonderful roller-coaster of events.

I refuse to give away any spoilers, however I will say this book is a MUST READ! Do not judge it till you open it and read it. – Janie


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